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C Commands updated:2006-08-19 11:53:20
PageLiner C Command Reference

RX updated:2006-08-19 11:53:01
This executes an external Python, ARexx or AppleScript script as applicable. rx [filepath] filepath/s The filename and path of the script to execute. Examples: ARexx: rx 'PageStream:Macros/Test.REXX'

SetColor updated:2006-08-19 11:51:59
Sets the brush color. setcolor [FORE type color] [BACK type color] [NAME name] FORE Sets the foreground color. BACK Sets the background color. type/k The color type. Options: GRAY | PALETTE | RGB | CMYK. color/i The color values. Options: GRAYSCALE 0-255 PALETTE 0-15 or 0-255 RGB 0-255 0-255 0-255 CMYK 0-255 0-255 0-255 0-255 NAME/s The picture name....

Index of Commands updated:2006-08-19 11:49:57
Complete PageLiner Command Index

Rotate updated:2006-08-19 11:49:38
Rotates the selected area horizontally or vertically. If an area is not selected, the entire picture will be affected. rotate [mode] [NAME name] mode/k The rotation amount and direction. Options: 90CW (default) | 90CCW | 180. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: rotate 90ccw rotate name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' rotate 180 name...

SetBrushSize updated:2006-08-19 11:48:12
Sets the size of the brush. setbrushsize <width height> [NAME name] width/i The width of the brush. Max=64. height/i The height of the brush. Max=64. NAME/s The picture name. Default=current. Examples: ARexx: setbrushsize 16 16 setbrushsize 2 2 name 'Macintosh HD:Graphics:Tiger' setbrushsize 5 7 name 'Graphics:Tiger.ILBM'...

PageLiner Scripting Documentation updated:2006-08-19 11:47:39
PageLiner Scripting Documentation

Startup Options updated:2006-08-19 11:47:19
If the PageLiner.prefs file exists in the same directory as PageLiner, startup options entered in the file will be used when PageLiner is started. A PageLiner preferences file should start with: ;PageLiner Preferences File The syntax of all options is command=data. The case is irrelevant. The commands which can be used are: * PORTNAME=name: the ARexx port...

Revert updated:2006-08-19 11:46:30
This reopens the last saved version of a picture, cancelling changes that have been made. revert [mode] mode/k The user prompt mode for unsaved pictures. Options: FORCE | ALERT | QUIET (default). Force ignores the saved status, alert opens an alert box if it has been changed, and quiet ignores the saved status but returns an error if the picture had not...

Preferences File updated:2006-08-19 11:44:32
PageLiner offers some additional settings which can only be changed by editing the Preferences file. Load the PageLiner.prefs file (or any preferences file you have created and use) into PageLiner or another text editor to edit the preferences. * FONT=fontname,size: Sets the Amiga font for text windows. Example: FONT=topaz.font,11 * PARENTWIN=left,top: Sets...

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