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Amiga Beta Mailing List updated:2006-08-30 18:30:59
This list is the proper place to post bug reports and ask for help with PageStream Amiga beta copies. Once the final version is released this list will be dormant until the next prerelease or beta. In order to reduce the spam on this list, we must first approve all new subscribers. However, everyone gets approved who has any interest in PageStream. For...

PageStream Support Mailing List updated:2006-08-30 18:30:24
The PageStream mailing list is for discussion of PageStream version and addon products for all platforms. The primary discussion topic is using PageStream on Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows computers. There are also mailing lists for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh and Windows PageStream betas. See the end of this message for details on those lists. The...

Mailing Lists updated:2006-08-30 16:47:34

Aquire Filters updated:2006-08-30 12:18:29
The aquire filters to be documented here!

Developer Documentation updated:2006-08-30 12:08:16
Documentation for creating effects, engines, filters, printer drivers and other modules for use in applications that rely on the SoftLogik library system. The SoftLogik library system is a platform independent application library that handles everything from file i/o, screens, windows, dialog, scripting, modules, fonts, printing and more....

Keep Together updated:2006-08-30 11:43:02
To allow a paragraph to break at any line: Choose None from the Keep Together pop-up menu in the Paragraph Format dialog box in the Text menu. To disallow breaking a paragraph between columns: Choose Paragraph from the Keep Together pop-up menu in the Paragraph Format dialog box in the Text menu. To control the minimum size of a broken paragraph: Choose...

Paragraph Attributes updated:2006-08-28 17:09:41
A paragraph is a range of text followed by a paragraph return. The appearance of a paragraph is dependent on its paragraph attributes. The most common paragraph attributes are indents, tabs, alignment and leading. PageStream does not force you to apply paragraph attributes to paragraphs only; you can apply different paragraph attributes to ranges of...

Introduction updated:2006-08-28 17:03:31
Three types of graphic files are used in PageStream: bitmapped pictures, drawings and EPS illustrations. Bitmapped pictures are made up of a grid of dots of varying colors or grays. Each dot can include a transparency value, often refered to as an alpha channel, that will allow parts of the background to bleed through the picture or to mask out the white...

The Color Palette updated:2006-08-28 16:35:04
The Color Palette lists the colors defined for the current document. The Color Palette can be used to easily apply colors to objects and text in the document. To display the Color Palette if it's not shown, choose Show Color Palette from the Window menu. If objects are selected with the Object tool, you can change the line and fill color of the selected...

Applying Line, Fill and Color Attributes updated:2006-08-28 16:32:39
Text and objects have line and fill attributes. Fill attributes are the color, blend, trapping and fill style inside any shape, path or character. Line attributes are the color, blend, trapping and stroke (or outline) of any shape, path or character. These attributes including color and blend can be applied to lines and fills independently. To apply line,...

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