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SL_MHUnlock updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_MHUnlock -- unlocks a memory handle locked by SL_MHLock. SYNOPSIS SL_MHUnlock(memhandle); A0 void SL_MHUnlock(MEMHANDLE); FUNCTION Unlocks the memory handle locked by SL_MHLock. Each time a memory handle is locked its lock count increases by 1. Unlocking a memory handle decreases its lock count by 1. Only when the lock count is zero is the memory...

SL_FreeRequester updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_FreeRequester -- frees a requester allocated by SL_CreateRequester. SYNOPSIS SL_FreeRequester(reqhandle); A0 void SL_FreeRequester(REQHANDLE); FUNCTION Frees all the memory allocated by SL_CreateRequester. INPUTS reqhandle - as returned by SL_CreateRequester. SEE ALSO SL_CreateRequester, SL_DoRequester, SL_StartRequester, SL_EndRequester,...

SL_StartRequester updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_StartRequester -- start a requester asynchronously. SYNOPSIS success = SL_StartRequester(reqhandle, func, userdata); D0 A0 A1 D0 SLFLAG SL_StartRequester(REQHANDLE, WORD (*)(), SLTAGDATA); FUNCTION Opens the requester up and "runs" it asynchronously. The callback function returns these values: REQ_CONTINUE or REQ_OK REQ_QUIT REQ_EXIT...

SL_IsRequesterOpen updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_IsRequesterOpen -- checks if a requester is open or not. SYNOPSIS open = SL_IsRequesterOpen(reqhandle); D0 A0 WORD SL_IsRequesterOpen(REQHANDLE); FUNCTION Checks to see if a requester is open and running or not. INPUTS reqhandle - as returned by SL_CreateRequester. RESULTS open - TRUE if the requester is open. FALSE if it is closed. SEE ALSO...

SL_SetReqObjAttrA updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_SetReqObjAttrA -- sets the specified attribute of a requester object. SL_SetReqObjAttr -- varargs stub. SYNOPSIS SL_SetReqObjAttrA(reqhandle, ctrlid, attrtaglist); A0 D0 A1 void SL_SetReqObjAttrA(REQHANDLE, UWORD, struct TagItem *); SL_SetReqObjAttr(reqhandle, ctrlid, attrtag, ....); void SL_SetReqObjAttr(REQHANDLE, UWORD, Tag, ...); FUNCTION...

SL_CloseFont updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_CloseFont -- close a font opend by SL_OpenFont. SYNOPSIS SL_CloseFont(fnthandle); A0 void SL_CloseFont(FNTHANDLE); FUNCTION Closes a font that was opened by SL_OpenFont. Fonts must be opened before they can b used and must be closed before the application exits. INPUTS fnthandle - as returned by SL_OpenFont. SEE ALSO SL_OpenFont, SL_SetFont....

SL_GetString updated:2008-03-01 23:36:26
NAME SL_GetString -- gets a string from a string table. SYNOPSIS string = SL_GetString(apphandle, tableid, strid); D0 A0 D0 D1 SLCHAR *SL_GetString(APPHANDLE, UWORD, UWORD); FUNCTION Returns the specified string from the specified string table. INPUTS apphandle - as returned by SL_AppInitA. tableid - the id of the string table to get the strig from....

SL_GetTime updated:2008-03-01 23:36:27
NAME SL_GetTime -- gets the system time. SYNOPSIS time = SL_GetTime(); D0 ULONG SL_GetTime(void); FUNCTION Returns the system time in the following format: HHMMSSII. The high byte of the return value is the hour. The next byte is the minute, the next the second, and the low byte is the hundreth-of-a-second. RESULTS time - the system time. SEE ALSO...

SL_AddNodeTail updated:2008-03-01 23:36:27
NAME SL_AddNodeTail -- adds a node to the tail of a list. SYNOPSIS SL_AddNodeTail(list, node) A0 A1 void SL_AddNodeTail(struct List *, void *); FUNCTION Add a node to the tail of a list. INPUTS list - a LISTHANDLE as returned by SL_CreateListA. node - the node to add as returned by SL_CreateNodeA. SEE ALSO SL_AddNodeAfter, SL_AddNodeBefore,...

SL_AddNodeAfter updated:2008-03-01 23:36:27
NAME SL_AddNodeAfter -- insert a node into a list after a given node. SYNOPSIS SL_AddNodeAfter(list, afternode, insertnode) A0 A1 A2 void SL_AddNodeAfter(LISTHANDLE, void *, void *); FUNCTION Inserts a node into a list after the given node. Insertion at the head of a list is possible by passing a NULL for afternode. INPUTS list - a LISTHANDLE as returned...

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