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SL_AddSubRequester updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_AddSubRequester -- adds a subrequester to a requester. SYNOPSIS success = SL_AddSubRequester(reqhandle, subreqhandle, ctrlid); D0 A0 A1 D0 SLFLAG SL_AddSubRequester(REQHANDLE, REQHANDLE, UWORD); FUNCTION INPUTS reqhandle - as returned by AllocApprequester(). subreqhandle - as returned by SL_CreateSubRequester. ctrlid - the id of the control to...

SL_DeleteFile updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_DeleteFile -- deletes a file or drawer. SYNOPSIS success = SL_DeleteFile(apphandle, filename); D0A0 A1 SLFLAG SL_DeleteFile(APPHANDLE, SLCHAR *); FUNCTION issue: what to do about deleting drawers that have things in them? The Amiga will not delete a drawer unless it is empty. Do we want to define this function as it will delete whatever it is...

SL_LockFile updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_LockFile -- locks a file. SYNOPSIS lockhandle = SL_LockFile(apphandle, filename, mode); D0 A0 A1 D0 LOCKHANDLE SL_LockFile(APPHANDLE, SLCHAR *, UWORD); FUNCTION INPUTS apphandle - as returned by SL_AppInitA. filename - the name of the file to lock. mode - one of FLOCK_SHARED or FLOCK_EXCLUSIVE. RESULTS SEE ALSO SL_BeginExamine, SL_CloseFile,...

SL_StartFileNotifyA updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_StartFileNotifyA -- starts notification on a given file or drawer. SL_StartFileNotify -- varargs stub for SL_StartFileNotifyA. SYNOPSIS notifyhandle = SL_StartFileNotifyA(apphandle, filename, userdata, tags); D0 A0 A1D0 A2 NOTIFYHANDLE SL_StartFileNotifyA(APPHANDLE, SLCHAR *, SLTAGDATA, struct TagItem *tags); notifyhandle =...

SL_GetFileNotifyAttrA updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_GetFileNotifyAttrA -- gets the specified attr from a notify handle SYNOPSIS value = SL_GetFileNotifyAttrA(notifyhandle, attr); D0 A0 D0 SLTAGDATA SL_GetFileNotifyAttrA(NOTIFYHANDLE, SLTAGTYPE); FUNCTION INPUTS RESULTS SEE ALSO SL_BeginExamine, SL_CloseFile, SL_DeleteFile, SL_DoesFileExist, SL_EndExamine, SL_EndFileNotify,...

SL_SortListRange updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_SortListRange -- sorts a range of nodes in a list by the names of the nodes. SYNOPSIS SL_SortListRange(list, order, casesensitive, start, end); A0 D0 D1 D2 D3 void SL_SortListRange(LISTHANDLE, UWORD, SLFLAG, ULONG, ULONG); FUNCTION Sorts a range of nodes in the list by the names of the nodes according to the specified order. INPUTS list - a...

SL_GetNodeAttr updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_GetNodeAttr -- returns the given attribute of a node. SYNOPSIS attr = SL_GetNodeAttr(node, attr); D0 A0 D0 SLTAGDATA SL_GetNodeAttr(void *, Tag); FUNCTION Returns the specified attribute of a node. INPUTS node - as returned by SL_CreateNodeA. attr - any of the NODEATTR_ tags. See SL_SetNodeAttrA for a description of the tags this call uses. SEE...

SL_NextNode updated:2008-03-01 23:36:35
NAME SL_NextNode -- returns the node that follows the specified node. SYNOPSIS node = SL_NextNode(node); D0 A0 void *SL_NextNode(void *); FUNCTION Returns the next node in a list. This is used to cycle through all the nodes in a list. INPUTS node - as returned by SL_CreateNodeA. RESULTS node - the node that follows the given node or NULL if there are no...

SL_FindNodeFunc updated:2008-03-01 23:36:36
NAME SL_FindNodeFunc -- finds a node using a user supplied function. SYNOPSIS node = SL_FindNodeFunc(list, func); D0 A0 A1 void *SL_FindNodeFunc(LISTHANDLE, SLFLAG (*)(void *), ULONG *); FUNCTION Searches a list for a node calling a user supplied function at each node to determine if it has found it yet. The function returns TRUE if the given node is...

SL_SetListAttrA updated:2008-03-01 23:36:36
NAME SL_SetListAttrA -- sets various attributes of a list. SL_SetListAttr -- varargs stub for SL_SetListAttrA. SYNOPSIS SL_SetListAttrA(list, taglist); A0 A1 void SL_SetListAttrA(LISTHANDLE, struct TagItem *); SL_SetListAttr(list, tag, ...); void SL_SetListAttrA(LISTHANDLE, Tag, ...); FUNCTION Sets various attributes of a list. INPUTS list - a LISTHANDLE...

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