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The General Panel updated:2006-09-19 15:14:27
AutoSave: Select to have PageStream save your documents at regular intervals in case of a power loss or system error. Autosave does not save over your original document file. Instead it saves a temporary copy of the file in the folder path set in the associated Path text box. Every: Enter the autosave time interval in minutes. PageStream will save the...

Creating Text Frames updated:2006-09-19 15:14:05
Most text is entered into text column frames. This type of text frame can be divided into multiple columns which are permanently linked together. You can change the number of columns in a text column frame at any time. You can create text frames on multiple pages at once with the Create Text Frames command, or you can draw a single frame with the Column...

To Print on an Imagesetter updated:2006-09-19 15:13:45
1. Choose Print from the File menu. The Print dialog box will open to allow you to choose a variety of printing options. Click Setup and select the PPD file for the imagesetter and select any other required options. 2. Set which pages to print. The Which pop-up menu controls which pages will be printed. Choose All to print all the pages in the document,...

Tabs updated:2006-09-19 15:13:22
PageStream allows you to indent text to the next available tab stop by pressing the Tab key. You can set the position and alignment for each tab stop you create. PageStream can align text on its decimal place, comma or any other printing character. PageStream can also fill the space between the tab stop and the character before it. This is referred to as a...

File updated:2006-09-19 15:13:01
New Creates a new PageStream document. Opens a dialog box allowing you to set the document name, the page size and orientation of the default master page, the margin and column guides, and the double-sided and facing pages modes. See: Getting Started > Exploring PageStream > Creating a New Document Open Opens an existing PageStream document. See:...

Aligning Objects updated:2006-09-19 15:12:39
PageStream can align objects relative to each other, to the page or to a point. You can choose to align their top, bottom, left or right edges or their center points. You can align objects horizontally, vertically, or in both directions. To align objects: Select the object(s) with the Object tool. Choose Align from the Object menu to display the Align...

Step 14: Printing the document updated:2006-09-19 15:11:50
Now you are ready to print the letter. If you have not already configured your printer setup in PageStream, you should do so now. 1. Choose Print from the File menu. The Print dialog box will appear. Choose Color or Grayscale as desired from the Method pop-up if you have a color printer, or Grayscale if you have a black and white printer. The remaining...

Fills updated:2006-09-19 15:11:20
PageStream offers four types of fills: * Basic fills: solid colors, tints of a color, and patterns. * Gradient fills: a straight blend from one color to another. * Radial fills: a circular blend from one color to another. * Shape fills: a blend in the path's shape from one color to another.Note: Setting a fill color and/or tint for a bitmap picture and...

Step 3: Setting master page guides updated:2006-09-19 15:10:48
In this exercise, you will create the guides that will divide the page into the menu panels. Unlike the Column and Margin guides which can be set when you create a new document, Master Page Guides are individual guides which can be placed anywhere on a master page. Each PageStream page is based on a master page, so the guides for a master page will be...

To Print on a Desktop Printer updated:2006-09-19 15:10:21
1. Choose Print from the File menu. The Print dialog box will open to allow you to choose a variety of printing options. If you did not configure your printer before choosing Print, click Setup now to access the Print Setup dialog box. 2. Set the number of copies. Enter the number of copies to print into the Copies text box. 3. Set which pages to print....

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