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P2D updated:2006-03-30 17:46:00
P2D AmigaOnly Strips the measurement system abbreviation from a coordinate and optionally converts it to another measurement system. p2d (coord[,system]) coord/s The coordinate to strip and convert. system/k The measurement abbreviation of the system to which to convert. Options: INCHES i CENTIMETERS cm MILLIMETERS mm PICAS p ...

MSys updated:2006-03-30 17:10:47
MSYS AmigaOnly Returns the measurement system abbreviation of the specified coordinate. msys (coord) coord/s The coordinate to get the measurement system abbreviation of. Notes: This is a function, not a command. It is only available when the Soft-Logik ARexx support library is added to your ARexx script. i.e.,...

InsertBreak updated:2006-03-30 14:58:59
[DOCUMENT name | WINDOW name] break/k The type of break to insert. Options: COLUMN | PAGE. DOCUMENT/s The document name. Default=current. WINDOW/s The window name. Default=current. Examples: insertbreak column insertbreak page document 'project.doc'

Developers updated:2006-08-02 20:07:20

SL_AppEventHandler updated:2008-03-01 23:36:11
NAME SL_AppEventHandler -- invokes the event handler. SYNOPSIS returncode = SL_AppEventHandler(apphandle); D0 A0 WORD SL_AppEventHandler(APPHANDLE); FUNCTION This is the main event handler for all app events. This call only returns when the application is asked to exit. INPUTS apphandle - an APPHANDLE as returned by SL_AppInit. RESULTS returncode - a...

SL_CreateNodeA updated:2008-03-01 23:36:12
NAME SL_CreateNodeA -- allocates a NODEHANDLE. SL_CreateNode -- varargs stub for SL_CreateNodeA. SYNOPSIS nh = SL_CreateNodeA(apphandle, extended_data_len, tags); D0 A0 D0 A2 void *SL_CreateNodeA(APPHANDLE, SLMSIZE, struct TagItem *); nh = SL_CreateNode(apphandle, extended_data_len, tag, ...); void *SL_CreateNode(APPHANDLE, SLMSIZE, Tag, ...); FUNCTION...

SL_ClearList updated:2008-03-01 23:36:12
NAME SL_ClearList -- frees all nodes in a list. SYNOPSIS SL_ClearList(lh); A0 void SL_ClearList(LISTHANDLE); FUNCTION Frees all the nodes in a list via SL_FreeNode. INPUTS lh - a LISTHANDLE that holds the node to be freed. SEE ALSO SL_AddNodeAfter, SL_AddNodeBefore, SL_AddNodeHead, SL_AddNodeSorted, SL_AddNodeSortedFunc, SL_AddNodeTail, SL_ClearList,...

SL_CountNodes updated:2008-03-01 23:36:12
NAME SL_CountNodes -- returns the number of nodes in a list. SYNOPSIS num = SL_CountNodes(lh); D0 A0 ULONG SL_CountNodes(LISTHANDLE); FUNCTION Returns the number of nodes that are in a given list. INPUTS lh - a list handle as returned by SL_CreateListA. RESULTS num - the number of nodes in the list. SEE ALSO SL_AddNodeAfter, SL_AddNodeBefore,...

SL_FindNodeName updated:2008-03-01 23:36:12
NAME SL_FindNodeName -- finds a node by name. SYNOPSIS nh = SL_FindNodeName(lh, name, casesensitive, pos); D0 A0 A1 D0 A2 void *SL_FindNodeName(LISTHANDLE, SLCHAR *, SLFLAG, ULONG *); FUNCTION Finds a node in a list by name and returns the node. If the pos argument is non-null then it is filled in with the position of the node in the list. 0 is the...

SL_CreateArgNode updated:2008-03-01 23:36:13
This call is obsolete and is unsupported. Do not use.

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