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The General Panel updated:2019-12-19 16:49:28
AutoSave: Select to have PageStream save your documents at regular intervals in case of a power loss or system error. ''Autosave'' does not save over your original document file. Instead it saves a temporary copy of the file in the folder path set in the associated ''Path'' text box. Every: Enter the autosave time...

Finding and Changing Text updated:2019-12-19 16:49:01
1. Choose ''Find/Change'' from the ''Edit'' menu. The ''Find/Change'' dialog box will appear. 2. Enter the text to find. Type the search string into the ''Find'' text box. To change the found text, enter the new text into the ''Change'' text box. The...

Line, Fill and Color updated:2019-12-19 16:41:33
The ''Line & Fill'' command displays a dialog box to set text line and fill attributes. This includes the width of the outline (if any), color and blend of the outline and fill, special bitmap or gradient fills, screens, trapping and more. It is identical to the ''Object'' menu ''Line &...

Copying and Pasting Text updated:2019-12-19 16:41:08
When you need to copy, move or delete text in your document, you can cut or copy a selected range of text. PageStream stores cut or copied text on the clipboard. Text on the clipboard can then be pasted elsewhere in the same document, in another document, or in another application. You can remove selected text and store it on the clipboard with the...

Guides updated:2019-12-19 16:02:44
There are three kinds of guides. Margin guides represent the area in which you place your objects. Column guides show the default positions for text frames. Margin and column guides are created automatically when you create a new document or master page. Page guides are created with the ''Set Page Guides'' command, and can be placed on...

The Grid updated:2019-12-19 16:01:50
PageStream's grid is the equivalent of graph paper. It is shown as rows and columns of non-printing dots. It allows you to align objects to its points. The grid is part of the master page, so its settings will be identical on all pages based on a specific master page. This will help you maintain a uniform appearance for your document. Unlike page...

Introduction updated:2019-12-19 15:58:45
The appearance of characters is dependent on their character attributes. The most common character attributes are font, type style and size. To apply character attributes to a block of text, simply select the text and then set the character attributes. To apply character attributes to the next text you type, place the insertion point, set the character...

Leading updated:2019-12-19 15:56:29
Leading is the space between lines of text. PageStream allows you to set the amount of leading, how leading is measured, and how lines are positioned. There are four ways to measure leading in PageStream: * Relative: The leading is relative to the type size. PageStream calculates the leading based on the largest type on the line. If you set 12pt type with...

Tracking updated:2019-12-19 15:54:54
Tracking adjusts the space to the right of each character. Increasing the tracking increases the amount of space between all text, regardless of its character and word spacing, and thus brightens a page. Decreasing the tracking reduces the space between all text and darkens a page. PageStream offers five predefined tracking tables ranging from...

Introduction updated:2019-12-19 15:53:07
PageStream allows you to divide your document into chapters. You can add pages at the document level, for your table of contents and preface, and at the chapter level, for the body of your document. You can number the pages in each chapter consecutively or independently. If you number the pages consecutively, you can set whether the next chapter will begin...

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