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Front Page updated:2010-11-13 20:36:17
Welcome to the home of PageStream! PageStream is a quality full featured desktop publishing/page layout program that gives you the tools you need to create the designs you desire. Everything from church newsletters to company perspectives, multi-volume product documentation to invitations for your family events can be created in PageStream. Full color...

Front Page updated:2010-11-09 23:12:33
[title]Welcome![/title] The development team at GrasshopperLLC welcomes you to this new web site. In the past this site mirrored the content. This site will become the meeting place for PageStream users. A place to talk about PageStream, typography, and design. Share PageStream documents, scripts, fonts and graphics. -- The PageStream Team...

Front Page updated:2010-11-09 23:06:08
[title]Welcome![/title] The development team at GrasshopperLLC welcomes you to this new web site. In the past this site mirrored the content. This site is dedicated to showcasing the development capabilities of GrasshopperLLC. While many are familiar with the phenomenal commercial desktop publishing program PageStream, few know about the...

Exploring PageStream updated:2010-10-25 15:18:00
PageStream gives you a blank page on which to mix text and graphics to create a finished page design. Text and graphics can be imported from other sources or created directly in PageStream and then arranged on the page. PageStream allows you to combine text and graphics without restrictions. It has a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, or WYSIWYG display, so that...

The PageStream Screen updated:2010-10-25 15:16:46
The components of a PageStream screen: When you create a document, PageStream opens a document window containing an empty page. The location of some controls may differ depending on the computer you have, but the functionality is identical. A The toolbar allows you to select commonly used commands. It is shown when Show Toolbar is selected from the Window...

Saving a Document updated:2010-10-25 15:16:01
You should save your documents regularly while you work in PageStream. It is recommended that you save opened documents to your hard drive at least once each half hour in case of a power failure or system error, and make backup copies on another disk to avoid data loss in case of a hard drive failure....

Opening a Document updated:2010-10-25 15:14:13
You can open documents and templates created with PageStream 3 and newer for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh and Windows, as well as documents stored in the following formats: * PageStream 2.2 for Amiga or Atari * Professional Page 3 and 4 for Amiga * Wordworth 3.1 or newer * PDF (PageStream Professional only)...

Creating a New Document updated:2010-10-25 15:12:37
How to create a new document: 1. Click on the New button in the PageStream Navigator or choose New from the File menu. PageStream will display the New Document dialog box. You can enter a name for your document in the Name text box now, or you can name your document later when you save it for the first time. 2. Set the page size. Choose a preset page size...

The Navigator updated:2010-10-25 15:12:17
When you start PageStream, or whenever all windows are closed, PageStream will display the Navigator. This dialog box provides quick access to the basic features. A different tip is shown in the Navigator each time it appears to help you learn more about the program. Create a new document; same as New from the File menu. Open an existing document; same...

Path Functions updated:2010-09-01 18:23:51
Unlike other publishing applications, most drawings and illustrations can be created right inside PageStream. To reverse the drawn direction of a path: Select a path using the Object or Reshape tool. Choose Reverse from the Path submenu in the Object menu. To flatten any curves into line segments: Select a path using the Object or Reshape tool. Choose...

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