Changing Brush Colors

The ''Color Palette'' allows you to change the foreground and background colors. Choose ''Show Color Palette'' from the ''Window'' menu to display the ''Color Palette''.

The left side of the palette allows you to select whether to set the foreground or background color. Click in the top left color swatch to set the foreground color, or in the bottom right swatch to set the background color. After choosing the foreground or background color, you can use the controls on the right of the palette to change it.

The right side of the palette changes depending on the type of picture. If a CMYK or RGB picture is active, the palette will have sliders for the color components which you can drag to set the foreground or background color. If a grayscale or palette picture is active, the palette will have small boxes representing each color or grayscale. Click on a color or grayscale box to change the foreground or background color. Alternatively, drag the slider to cycle through the grayscales or colors, or enter the grayscale or palette color number into the text controls. If a black and white picture is active, the right of the ''Color Palette'' will be blank.

[node=info]Amiga Users: Note that the colors shown in the ''Color Palette'' are screen representations of the colors in the picture. More than one color may use the same screen color, depending on the number of colors in the picture and the number of colors available to BME. For best results, it is recommended to use a high or true color screen. Such a display requires CyberGraphX or Picasso96 and a compatible graphics card.[/note]

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