Signature Printing

When creating a multi page booklet, it is possible to have PageStream print multiple pages together on a single sheet of paper such that the pages can be folded and stapled to create a booklet, or folded and cut for later binding into a book.

To print a signature booklet: Choose Print from the File menu to display the Print dialog box. Choose the appropriate options in the General panel such as pages to print, method, scale and more. Choose Imposition to display the Imposition panel. Choose Signature from the Option pop-up menu. Enter the number of pages across on a single sheet of paper in the Across text box. Enter the number of pages down on a single sheet of paper in the Down text box. Enter the gap to insert between each page on the signature in the Creep text box. The creep value will be base on the thickness of the paper to compensate for the folded sheets inside it. The creep value will be added to the previous creep value, starting at 0 for the inside signature of the booklet, and increasing towards the outside cover sheet. Click Print. Note: Signature options are saved with the document.


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