PageStream offers several line attributes:

To set the weight: Select a preset width from the Weight pop-up menu or select Other and enter a custom width in the text box. Hairline is defined as 0.3pt.

To set the line color and fill pattern: These options are the same as the equivalent options in the Fill side of the dialog box. Note that lines can have a fill pattern separate from the fill itself.

To set the line style: Select a preset line style from the Style pop-up menu or click the Browse button to create a custom line style with the Edit Line Style dialog box. Select the first style for a solid line. Custom line styles can be defined as pattern or dash. When Pattern is selected from the Type menu, a series of off and on dots define the line style. Each dot normally represents 1pt in length. If Dash is selected from the Type menu, each segment's length is entered, along with an offset into the line style dash segments.

NoteCreating a custom line style will not add it to the list of available style. To use a custom line style later for other objects or text, create the line style as part of a paragraph, character or object style.

To set the cap: Select a cap style from the Cap pop-up menu. The cap is the shape of the ends of the line stroke and its dashes. Caps have no effect on closed paths with solid strokes. Butt caps are the default and have flat ends that do not extend beyond the line ends. Square and Round caps extend beyond the line ends by half the line weight.

To set the join: Select a join style from the Join pop-up menu. The join is the shape of the connection of two line segments and is applicable only to paths. Miter joins are the default and have sharp points. Beveled joins are flattened and round joins have smooth ends. Use the miter limit feature to prevent extremely long joins when the angle between the lines is very small.

To set the miter limit: Enter the miter limit angle into the Limit text box to specify the smallest angle for a miter join. Angles smaller than the limit will be converted to beveled joins automatically. The default limit is 11.



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