How do I...?

SectionHow do I create an internal script?
The easiest way to create a script is to record it. Choose ''Start Recording'' from the ''Scripts'' menu. Any actions you make after choosing this command will be recorded. When you are done, choose ''Stop Recording'' from the ''Scripts'' menu. Alternatively, you can display the ''Script Palette'' from the ''Window'' menu and click on the ''Record'' and ''Stop'' buttons to accomplish the corresponding actions.

The ''Edit Script'' dialog box will appear with a script of the recorded actions. You can edit the script as required. If you want to list the script in the ''Scripts'' menu, select ''Display in Menu''. To assign the script to a function key, choose a function key and modifier. Click ''OK''.

SectionHow do I play an internal script?

Choose ''Show Script Palette'' from the ''Window'' menu to display the ''Scripts Palette''. Select a script and click on the ''Play'' button.

You can also play internal scripts by choosing them from the ''Script'' menu, selecting them from the ''Script Palette'', or by pressing a function key or clicking a toolbar button assigned to a script.

SectionHow do I create an external script?
Create an internal script to use as the basis for an external script. Select the script in the ''Script Palette'' and choose ''Export'' from the palette's pop-up menu. Enter a name for the script in the file selector and click ''Save''.

SectionHow do I play an external script?
Select ''Play External Script'' from the ''Script'' menu. Select a script from the file selector and click ''Open''.


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