Indeterminate State of Controls

If you select a red box and a green box and then open the Line & Fill dialog box, PageStream cannot show red or green in the fill color pop-up menu, because neither properly reflects the attributes of the boxes. If it showed one or the other, clicking on OK would change them both to that color. The same is true for text: if you select a block of text and some of it is bold and the rest of it is not bold, the Bold icon in the Edit palette cannot be on and off at the same time.

PageStream sets controls to an indeterminate (or mixed) state when attributes conflict. This informs you that some of the selected text or objects have attributes different than other selected text or objects. You can reset the control to a different state to change all the selected text or objects to that setting, or you can ignore the control. If you leave a dialog box control as indeterminate, the attribute will not be changed when you close the dialog box.

Examples of controls in an indeterminate state are shown below.


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